Simple Cyber Defense

How to see if someone has been snooping on your devices

With so much sensitive data and access to so many apps and services on our phones and laptops, it makes sense that we don’t want unwelcome visitors snooping around.

That’s why it’s essential to get a PIN code, fingerprint lock, password or some other kind of security protection in place, so that you and only you can access everything within your gadgets.


However, you might have let your guard down and now you think somebody else may have spent a few minutes with your hardware. Or perhaps you suspect someone knows your device PIN or password and can get access any time they like.

Investigating a potential breach doesn’t take a forensics kit, and you can easily run some basic checks to help you figure out if you were a victim to an intruder. These diagnostics won’t necessarily provide definitive proof someone has accessed your devices, but they can give you a pretty good idea whether that’s the case.

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