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This 15-year-old macOS flaw is really rather embarrassing for Apple

Apple Hack

A bug in macOS, which the researcher pointed out on twitter (hat tip WccfTech) has been present for some 15 years in Apple’s operating system, is a local privilege escalation vulnerability found in an extension of the macOS kernel, effectively the heart of the operating system.


Hackers with the know-how can execute arbitrary code or install a root shell to effectively allow security measures to be bypassed, root permissions to be gained and essentially allow an illegitimate user to take control of a targeted Mac machine.

Given a would be hacker needs direct access to a macOS machine and the current user needs to be logged out, which can set off security flags, it’s not a particularly dangerous security issue. But hackers can set the exploit to work when a legitimate users shuts down or restarts their machine thereby allowing the exploit to kick in more stealthily.

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